Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic

Children’s musical theater

The group on the aesthetic education of children led by N.Anikovich has been working since 1985. The team has set a difficult and noble goal – to bring up the future audience – educated and armed with perfect taste. The repertoire of the theater “Rainbow” is wide – there are folklore programs, fairy tales, pure musical performances; all of them are interesting, colorful and informative. Bright musical performances, presented in a form of game, expose children to the state symbols of Russia, rules of the road, and good manners, teach them to protect nature, to appreciate the knowledge, love and to understand music. The team members are N.Anikovich, V.Ivanov, A.Kabanova, M. Mirkulova and T. Chulankina.

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The set performances

  • “Dunno Travels to the Islands of Knowledge”

Old Hottabych gives the children a magic wand and it brings them to the fairy school. With Mary Poppins as a teacher and Dunno, the audience builds a ship and go on a fabulous journey. Travellers sail to the island of mathematics, Literature Island, an island of arts, meet Barmaley, re-educate and convince him that there is nothing more interesting and useful then learning.

  • “My Favorite Fairy Tales” – “Moidodyr”, “The Bear and the Fox”

At this show children not only watch and listen, but also enthusiastically overcome various obstacles: the riddles about the musical instruments, singing loudly to make the Fairy come up to the sound of their voices and so on. After the fairy tales is over the children give a musical description to its characters.

  • “In search of a Magic Book “

The storyteller has lost her book, telling about the great and glorious stories of the Rus’ era. The Skomorokhs take children to the jorney aiming to get the book back. They meet Cat-Baiyun, Baba Yaga, Bogatyr; take the book from Zmey Gorynych (Slavic Dragon). During these adventures children get acquainted with the state symbols of Russia.

  • “In the Kingdom of the Rhythm”.

The rulers of the magical land of music run the annual festival, but Baba Yaga appears and puts the musical instruments under a spell. The King Rhythm comes to help the people of the kingdom. Together with the kids he returns freedom to the instruments. The children are actively involved in the show playing the musical games such as  “Fists-Palms”, “Clap or Step”, solve the musical riddles, conduct, play the drums. The accompaniment is brilliant classical music played on the piano and percussion.

  • “The Fox And The Hare Go To The City For The Traffic Lights”

The story begins with an incident in the forest: two rams refuse giving way to each other and fall from the bridge into the river. The animals decide to put the traffic light in the forest and send the Fox and the Hare to the city to get it. In the city they encounter the exciting adventures. Together with the audience they learn the traffic laws. Then they find a traffic light to bring it to the forest.

  • “When You’re Polite”

Malvina opens a school of polite sciences, where she wants to teach Pinocchio the good manners. She invites to the classes the most polite dance Minuet, a medieval Knight, Karabas-Barabas the villain. With the help of the audience the naughty boy Pinocchio turns into a hardworking, responsible and polite student.

  • “The Incredible Adventures in the Fairy Forest” – is an ecological story.

The Mole, the Butterfly and the Flower argue about whose house is better. Mother Earth sees them and invites them all to a journey. In the forest the travelers meet Pippi who does not know how to behave in the forest. She litters, shoots the slingshot, tries to light a fire. The meeting with the King Berendey, Queen of Water, Master Air and Vodyanoy convinces Pippi and all the children to preserve the nature.

  • “The Tale of the Bewitched Brief Case”

Pinocchio is going to school and the Knowledge Fairy sends him a gift – a brief case with the excellent marks – but the villain Karabas-Barabas bewitches it, turning all the good marks into the bad ones. Pinocchio, Malvina and the children from the audience use their knowledge to fix the bad marks. Gena the Crocodile – a friend of all the children – comes to help them.

  • “The Mystery of the Mistress of Copper Mountain” is a musical performance on Bazhov’s tales.

The Mistress of Copper Mountain traps Danila-master in her kingdom, so he needs to be rescued. The children meet the people of the magic mountain world, fairy-tale characters – the Blue Snake, the Goat with a silver hoof, Ognevushka (Little fire spark) and the others. The Mistress is to release Danila only if the children solve all the riddles. Moreover, she presents the audience a wonderful gift – a stone flower carrying The True Beauty