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Children’s Musical Theatre “Brigantine”

Children’s Musical Theatre “Brigantine” exists since 1997.

Children’s Musical Theatre “Brigantine” was formed in 1997.

The performances in the theatre teach children the most basic values: friendship, love, kindness and courage. Along with the characters on stage children seek the answers to the difficult questions, learn to tell the difference between good and evil.

Many musical performances have been given during these years. All the spectacles are the author’s individual works; they are very popular and often performed in schools and kindergartens of Krasnoyarsk as well as in the other cities. The theatre regularly goes on tours to Kansk, Ilan, Achinsk, Nazarovo, Uzhur, Sosnovoborsk, Divnogorsk, Lesosibirsk.

Nowadays, the theatre is a team of the well-known actors, such as I.Pokrovskaya, L.Lazareva, M.Bulatova and also the young budding performers A.Kharitonova and A.Mikhailyov. The art director of Brigantina is N.Dubina.

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So far the Children’s Theatre “Brigantin” has presented the following

  • “Travel to Stupedland” exposes children to opera and the opera voices. The plot is rather simple: the princess has lost a diamond and her health begins to fade. The king tries to medicate his weakening daughter, but it doesn’t work. It occurs that the only things to bring her health back are fun and entertainment – riddles, dances and good music.
  • «Little Tiger’s Birthday» is a show about friendship. The party is interrupted by the creature called Dzudzuka, whose clumsy jokes hurt everyone’s feelings. Finally she is knocked away from the party. The characters and children play musical riddles, sings all together funny songs. In the end Dzudzuka finds out there is no joy without friends: she apologizes and the friends take her back to the party.
  • “4 seasons” – Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter confuse the order they come in. They ask children to help them out, but every single one tries to win the kid’s hearts over. Summer asks to recall the names of its flowers, Autumn – of the fruit and vegetables, Winter offers its own funs – snowballs, sledges and so on. Eventually the storyteller arrives and everything finds its place.
  • «False Note» – The Mistress of the musical space is Melody – gracious and incredibly beautiful. The False Note decides to change everything and overthrow the Mistress with the help of the Bad Habits. The Royal Detective exposes her intrigues and restores peace and harmony in the kingdom of Melody.
  • Maslenitsa” is a big fair with skomorokhs, Spring, Maslenitsa, Baba Yaga and Leshy. Maslenitsa comes to the children to call for Spring together. They dance and singe about pancakes, Maslenitsa ask children to sing themselves. Meanwhile Baba Yaga and Leshy try to delay Spring, they make children play games, destructing them from her coming. But she hears their voices and comes anyway. Then she makes children dance and they all say goodbye to Maslenitsa. In the end everyone is invited to Maslenitsa’s table to eat traditional pancakes.
  • Adventures by the New Year Tree” is a concert, made of children’s little performances. The story is been telling around their little stories: Baba Yaga and the Pirate hade the sac with the New Year presents and Ded Moroz and Snegurochka (Russian New Year characters) have to get it back with the help of the audience. In the performance for the youngest kids there are She-Hare and Cock instead of Baba Yaga and Pirate.
  • “ABC security” – a little rabbit appears to be in the story, where everyone has to follow the traffic laws and also the rules how to deal with the fire. His helpers are the musician-storyteller, the beaver, the hedgehog, the little traffic light, the hire, the owl and the turtle.