Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic

Krasnoyarsk Boys Choir “Capriccio”

During each year Krasnoyarsk Boys Choir  “Capriccio” making a gathering of new young singers, looking for talents all over the city.

The laureate of international competitions, the choir of boys and young men “Capriccio” is a unique ensemble, formed in 1990, the only one in Siberia and the Far East. More than 80 boys and young men are involved in the important work – preserving of the Russian choral singing traditions. The Choir gives highly artistic performances a cappella, singing the pieces of the famous composers such as Bortniansky, Arkhangelsky, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Chesnokov and so on. Also the repertoire includes the best works of Russian and foreign classics, contemporary music composers, folk and spiritual music from different countries and ages.

One of the main goals of the Choir is educating of boys by means of high musical culture. At the concerts, which take place about 2 times a month, the audience may see several different groups of “Capriccio.” The most charming and spontaneous is a junior choir, with the members from 5 years old. Throughout the year, the team is recruiting new young singers looking for talents all over the city.

From the age of 9 the boys are engaged in the concert choir group, which becomes an integral part of their daily lives. At the rehearsals, the boys not only sing, but also learn the musical literacy, study choral literature, and at the end of adolescence, many of them continue their musical education. In the past 20 years 10 boys, touring with the Choir, have chosen the career of musicians.

In 2007 the children’s group grew: the youth formed its own group “Capriccio” with its own unique sound Many talented young men from its team are engaged in solo singing. Some has also become the winners of Russian and international competitions for young singers.

The activities of “Capriccio” are quite varied – festivals, competitions, rehearsals, concerts, projects, recordings and other artistic events. The Choir has worked with the laureate of international competitions organist Ludmila Kamelina, Japanese conductor Susumu Matsumoto, Krasnoyarsk chamber orchestra “Gloria”, soloists of the Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic Choir, orchestra and soloists of the Krasnoyarsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Krasnoyarsk Academic Symphony Orchestra and Krasnoyarsk Russian Philharmonic Orchestra. The same way as the adults the Choir of young boys performs for the most demanding audience.

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  • 1992 – Fist International Festival of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • 1995 – International Choir Competition in Budapest, 2nd place.
  • 1996 – Russian Boys Choir Festival in Yekaterinburg.
  • 1997 – VII International Music Festival in Sidzuoka (Japan).
  • 2000 – Fist World Choir Games in Linz (Austria), Golden Diploma.
  • 2004 – III World Choir Games in Bremen (Germany), Silver Diploma.
  • 2006 – X International Music Festival in Sidzuoka.
  • 2008 – II International Music Festival in Paris (France).
  • 2009 – IV International Choir Festival competition in Malta, I place.
  • 2010 – VI World Choir Games in Shaoxing (China), Silver Diploma.
  • 2010 – V International Music Festival Malta (Bugibba), I place.
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The programs:

  • “The Source of Eternal Beauty” – Russian choral music (concert choir).
  • “Running Through the Pages of the Centuries” – the foreign choral music (concert choir).
  • “Music Box” – popular classic and pop music (concert choir).
  • “The Great Day!” – musical composition devoted to the 65th anniversary of the victory in the World War II based on the popular story of Vasily Tyorkin (A.Tvardovsky).
  • “… An impulse of Inspiration!” – Songs and romances sang by a choir of boys and the soloists.
  • “Ljubo, bratsy, ljubo!” (a Cossacks song) – Russian spiritual and folk music sang by an ensemble of boys and the soloists.
  • “For You, Our Beloved Ones!” – a concert on March 8.