Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic

Literary Theatre

Literary Theatre was founded in 1976 by the Honored Artist of Russia and the Republic of Tyva Constantine Voschikovym. This creative team quickly became famous in our region and far beyond. High level of professionalism, bright theatrical performing – those have been always the mane features of this collective.

The theater was a laureate of the All-Union review of pop art in Moscow in 1984 and highly estimated at the festival “Young Talents of Russia” in Perm in 1986.

Literary Theatre Actors Elena Sokolovskaya, Stanislava Kvetkovskaya, winners of the regional competition-festival of humor and stage art “Yalta-Krasnoyarsk transit” Honored Artists of Russia, Vladimir Kvetkovsky and Yuri Mosov work for a children’s audience.

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The programs:

  • «Charming fly” – “lightweight show for cute kiddies” based on the works of S.Marshak, C.Chukovsky, S.Mikhalkov, B.Zakhoder. This fun literary and musical play is about the life of the insects, the characters of the most favorite nursery rhymes and fairy tales.
  • «The Tale about the Golden Cockerel“. It is a smart and funny performance for kids with fair, dances, wrapped with the wise Pushkin’s humor. Every small spectator is to discover something new and enlightening.
  • «38 Parrots” The play is for toddlers and children of primary school age. At the heart of the show is the story written by remarkable children’s writer and author of the popular cartoon scripts Eduard Uspensky.
  • «Guys, Let’s Be Friends!” – A play based on the story of Arkady Khite “Leopold’s Birthday”, the fairy tale about good and intelligent cat Leopold and two bad behaving mousses, the gray and the white, who try to harm the cat, kindly forgiving their tricks. The play is a musical tale about the good overcoming the evil.