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Jazz Ballet of Valery Tereshkin

Valery Tereshkin
Valery Tereshkin

Repeated winner of international competitions choreographers: winner of the prize “Bronze Leo” Jazz Dance World Congress in Phoenix (Ariz., USA) and Buffalo (pcs. New York, USA) in 2001. – Silver Award Leo the Tenth World Congress of jazz dance (Monterrey, Mexico). In August 2002, the United States (Chicago) – Victory at the World Congress of jazz dance – prize “Golden Leo.”

Jazz Ballet Valery is a unique team that combines best traditions of Russian and world jazz dance cultures, creating its individual style.

A former athlete (member of the all-USSR acrobatic team, Master of Sports of International Category, repeated champion of various competitions in acrobatics, Master of Sports in diving) and a musician (accordion and percussion ). Working as athletic coachman and choreographer Valery Tereshkin invited former athletes and organized his own dance group, which 8 years later became a professional dance company of Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic.

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Jazz Ballet of Valery Tereshkin  annualy invites children to  jazz dance school

Jazz Ballet Valery consists of 23 dancers. The founder and director is Valery Tereshkin.   V.Tereshkin personally choreographs and manages all the programs. As a former musician he often choreographes dance pieces where dancers play drums, sing and dance. He  always finds something new: cooperates with musicians (Daniel Kramer (piano), Ludmila Kamelina (organ), Roman Miroshnichenko (guitar), Andrew Bardin (organ))  choreographing new programmes. He also successfully cooperates with the theatres, choreographing musicals at Krasnoyarsk Music Theatre and Krasnoyarsk Pushkin Drama Theatre.

Today the repertoire of the company is rich with performances combining different genres: either  afro and musical comedy.  Jazz Ballet Valery (JBV) has won its audience of fans, performing in Russia and abroad – in Mexico, China, the USA, Germany, France, Japan, Czech Republic and other countries.  JBV is Grand Prix winner of European Jazz Dance Festival “Jazz Dance Open” ( Czech Republic,2012) since that time the company annually performs there as an honorable  guest of the Festival.

 The performances:

    • «The Pink Panther»
    • «Madame Swing»
    • «Mr. Blues, or After Chicago»
    • “Jazz Fantasy «Night fresco»
    • «A.M. – P.M.»
    • «It’s My Fosse!»
    • «Jazz Territory»
    • «Homefront» – (dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory (World War II)
    • “Rock-n-Roll for Krasnoyarsk!”
    • «Movement for the Truth»
    • “Swing Time 19.00”
    • «Seven» (“Seven Paintings by Paul Klee”)

…My advice is to get a ticket next time this troupe is in town. The energy of the dancers and a sheer fun they have on stage is enough to transform a bad day into a great one. Add the amazing professional technique and it is a night very well spent.

“Crescenta Valley Weekly”, LA, CA