Krasnoyarsk Regional Philharmonic

“Siberian Percussion” orchestra

Sergei Gazizullin

leader of the orchestra

This young ensemble was formed on April 18th in 2010 and first met the audience on January 8th in 2011 in the Small Hall of Krasnoyarsk Philharmonic. Then, there was a cycle of its concerts in September of the same year (season 2012-2013); orchestra became a part of the Philharmonic.

The core of the orchestra consists of 8 musicians. It is directed by S.Gassizullin, who had played with many ethnic or rock bands, and currently leads the percussions of the Krasnoyarsk Symphony Orchestra.

Gassizullin usually extend the number of performers by involving the students he teaches in the Academy of Music and Theatre and the Art College n.a. Ivanov-Radkevich. It allows taking more instruments on stage up to 20-25 (the orchestra has got over 40) for diverse, rich and powerful sound.

The repertoire consists of the pieces, adopted for the percussions and, more often, the pieces, initially written for the percussions.

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Site orchestra:

 Traditionally, the solo repertoire includes three concerts per season: Contemporary Music for Percussion, Classical Percussion and Solo and drums – a concert with a variety of solo instruments from guitar to pipe organ. Beside its own program, “Siberian Percussions” orchestra gladly joins new projects of the Philharmonic.

The ensemble participated in ENIJazz in 2012, took part in the educational set of lectures-concerts “Playing Classics” on April 18th in 2013. In particular, “Siberian Percussions” musically illustrate the concert-lecture read by A.Miodova about the Art and the Man of the XX called «Shock of the Future». In the performance the orchestra play the episodes of the modern ballet by M.Pekarsky “Oedious’s Daughter”.

Another project the ensemble takes part in the cycle of 9 performances called “World Fairy Tails”. The actress T.Chulankina from the Young Spectator’s Theatre along with the orchestra and the audience create a fantastic story, made of words, motions and music. This project started on October 6th in 2013 with the first performance “The Seafarer and The Snake» which is over 4000 years old.

The repertoire is chosen and rehearsed by S.Gassizullin himself.